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Phillip Island and San Remo Stories


May 2023

Our club has been focusing on the delivery of clean water filtrations systems, called "SkyHydrant" to the people of Timor Leste.

This innovative technology addresses the country's water scarcity and contamination issues by providing safe drinking water to communities in need.

The SkyHydrant is a cost-effective solution as each unit installed is around $5000. Funds have been raised by the many volunteers within the Rotary Club of Phillip Island and San Remo.

The system requires minimal infrastructure and maintenance, making it a sustainable option for remote and underserved areas. It operates without both chemicals and electricity, relying on gravity to filter and distribute water, reducing operational costs.

This project is delivering better health and greater school attendance to the communities and is supported by Rotary Phillip Island and San Remo. For more information on SkyHydrant visit: