About Rotary Phillip Island & San Remo

Penguin Parade Visitor Centre - credit: Wee Ping Khoo

The Rotary Club of Phillip Island and San Remo

The Rotary Club of Phillip Island and San Remo was originally chartered on the 4th of May 1977. We are a small Island and village community at the entrance to Western Port Bay. We are surrounded by an amazing number of wildlife attractions and magnificent scenery.

Our enthusiastic members are all committed to having fun and fellowship whilst networking and providing humanitarian community service; both locally, Australia wide and internationally.

We enjoy great diversity within our Club, which is an important asset for us as we engage with many diverse communities in need.

The Rotary Club of Phillip Island and San Remo provides:

  • Service opportunities – the satisfaction of giving back to your community.
  • Friendship – enjoying fellowship and camaraderie with like-minded people
  • Good Citizenship – meetings inform us about what is taking place in our local community, the nation and internationally
  • Professional networking opportunities – membership represents a cross section of our community
  • Youth Development – we sponsor a wide range of Youth Development Programs including Youth Exchange
  • International Awareness – the opportunity to build goodwill and peace throughout the world
  • Leadership development – team building, fundraising, public speaking, planning, organization and communication are some of the skills that club members have the opportunity to develop.
  • Diversity in membership – we represent a wide variety of the communities professional men and women, including leaders in business, industry, primary producers, the arts, government and education.
  • Ethical Environment – Rotary encourages high ethical standards in one’s profession and respect for others. Rotarians abide by THE FOUR-WAY TEST for the things we think, say or do:
  • Is it the TRUTH?
  • Is it FAIR to all concerned?
  • Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?


Our club meets every Monday from 6:00 pm until about 8:00 pm.

Every meeting follows roughly the same format and traditions are respected. However, as a rule, meetings have both formal and informal elements and fun and fellowship are a priority. The opportunity to enjoy a meal with members is provided every week. This rotates from semi-formal to informal each week, although not everyone participates in the dining opportunity every week. Again individual member choice is respected.

Guest Speakers & Visitors Welcome

Most meetings include the opportunity to hear from a speaker. We are very fortunate that we have some interesting and esteemed members of our community that are willing to share their achievements, challenges and lessons with us.

We also hear from travelling speakers and invited guests from around the world, as well as Rotary members reporting back on humanitarian work they have been involved in.

Visitors are always welcome and if you would like to learn more about our Club and attend any of our meetings as a visitor you will always be welcome, and made welcome!

Phillip Island and San Remo Stories

Rotary Motto Shines Through

Nov 2023

At the recent Annual General Meeting of the Rotary Club of Phillip Island and San Remo, the spirit of "Service Above Self" shone brightly.

The meeting showcased several impactful projects undertaken by our club, aimed at enhancing the lives of individuals both locally and globally. Ranging from our ongoing support for the Rehabilitation Courtyard in the new Bass Coast Hospital at Cowes to our provision of breakfast at various local schools and programs aimed at bolstering the support for the youth in our community.

It's incredibly satisfying to see the community's recognition of these efforts reflected in the 13 new individuals who chose to join our club over the past year.

During the AGM, we proudly welcomed our 14th new member for the year--a testament to the local community's commitment to making a social impact.

Our Op Shop, situated on Thompson Avenue, remains the driving force behind our efforts to create meaningful change, both within our local community and on a global scale. Each purchase made at our store directly contributes to improving the lives of those facing hardship. Come visit our shop and help make a tangible difference in someone's life.

If the idea of making an impact both locally and globally appeals to you, think about joining the Rotary Club of Phillip Island and San Remo.

To find out how to join us, click on Our Club link (above), then Membership.