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Phillip Island and San Remo Stories

Supporting St. Johns Unity Church Christmas Lunch

Jan 2024

St. John's Uniting Church Community Meal didn't just put on a Christmas feast; they orchestrated a symphony of joy, goodwill, and deliciousness that will resonate in the memories of all who attended.

The Christmas lunch was a symphony of flavours - a crescendo of nibbles, a harmony of charcuterie, a seafood sonata, and a roast meat rhapsody. The main course was a medley of vegetables and salads, a culinary orchestra that left taste buds singing. And just when you thought it couldn't get any better, the quintessential Christmas pudding took centre stage, joined by custard and chocolates for the bravest dessert enthusiasts.

Approximately 60 souls found a seat at this gastronomic gala, where friends and strangers blended into a cacophony of chatter and chomping. The feast was not just a feast; it was a celebration of togetherness, where each person felt a sense of belonging, warmth, and joy.

As the guests departed, their hearts and bellies full, their comments echoed the sentiment of a truly magical day. "Probably the best Christmas dinner I've ever had!" exclaimed one, while another expressed gratitude, saying, "Thank you to all who gave their time to make this special day wonderful!" A poignant note came from someone who found solace in the gathering, "You gave me somewhere good to share this day; it's not an easy time for me."

A special shout-out goes to the Phillip Island and San Rem Rotary Club, the unsung heroes behind the scenes, for helping weave the threads of generosity and community spirit into this extraordinary Christmas tapestry. May the echoes of this festive symphony linger and inspire the continuation of this heartwarming tradition in the years to come.