The Days for Girls Project

The Days for Girls Project

In many developing nations not having sanitary supplies can mean days without school, days without income and days without leaving the house. Girls miss up to two months of school every year.

To address this issue and give girls across the globe education, safety and dignity, Days for Girls International was founded in 2008. Days for Girls provides washable feminine hygiene kits to girls and women who would otherwise go without, enabling them to not miss valuable days from their education or employment.dfg2

It has been proven that:

  • Girls who have sanitary hygiene are confident in school so more likely to graduate;
  • For every year of education a girl receives her future income increases;
  • When a girl has seven or more years of education, she marries four years later and has 2.2 fewer children.

Days for Girls has been strongly supported by Rotary International. In Australia, over 2000 kits have passed through assembly lines to many countries. They are sent with people traveling on business, pleasure, missions, or project charity work who have the opportunity to deliver to local boarding schools/orphanages and anywhere there is a need. Impoverished communities are also assisted in starting their own programs to supply kits and training.

Our Club in conjunction with Inner Wheel are getting involved with Days For Girls via our International Committee. It is a worthwhile cause and we encourage you to get involved and invite your sewing friends to volunteer also. The more we can make a difference to girl’s lives the better we will all be!

To learn more about Days for Girls and how you can become involved visit: or or better still contact Vicki or Stevie to get stitched up.



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June 10, 2015

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