Soap Aid

Soap Aid

Did you know today across the globe over 2 billion people lack adequate sanitation? As a direct result, it is estimated that 1.8 million children under the age of 5 die each year due to hygiene related illnesses.

This equates to 6,000 deaths each day.

These needless deaths could have been prevented through simple measures such as handwashing with soap. A small bar of soap with improved hygiene practices can reduce over 40% of diarrhoea cases, reducing the spread of infectious diseases and saving lives.

Everyday thousands of hotels around the world discard millions of bars of soap.

Unfortunately this soap often ends up in already overflowing landfills. Soap Aid has developed a unique ‘Hotel to Hands’ model and through its partnership with Rotary International collects, sorts, cleans and produces hygienic bars of soap that are delivered to communities along with education on improved hygiene practices.

Handwashing with soap has a dramatic impact through saving lives and preventing death and illness caused by diarrhoea, trachoma, worm infection, chronic malnutrition, swine flu, pneumonia, SARS, sickness in AIDS patients and general neonatal mortality.

In 2016 our club began working across Phillip Island and San Remo with accommodation providers to collect clean used bars of soap for recycling. We are proud to be supporting Soap Aid to save lives.


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June 12, 2015

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