School Breakfast Club

School Breakfast Club

Every Tuesday of the school term our Club provides breakfast to the little tackers at Newhaven Primary School.

This image is an example of what our weekly task looks like:

Snow is the ring-leader often winding the darlings up with bubbles, jokes or the offer of “poison-berry jam” which of course is a favourite (at least with the kids!) Yes, he has been hauled over the coals for misleading advertising but that is another story.

Phil is the world champion of ‘paper-scissors-rock’ but is challenged for the title every time he shows his face. There is some serious contenders for the title and we look forward to his next visit to see if he can hold onto the crown for a bit longer.

Wendy (on the right) is our “get out of trouble” guardian and reigns in the kiddies once we have wound them up a bit much and they start to get too cheeky for us to handle. Thank goodness for Wendy!

Lastly we have Jan – a local that has adopted us and comes to help out every week. Jan keeps count on how many pieces of toast each one has had – ensuring there is enough to go around for all!

There is a lot of research that tells us how important breakfast is and it is even more important for children. For this reason we are proud to support Newhaven Primary School in its efforts to ensure at least one day a week all children will have breakfast.

If you would like more information about this vital program sponsored by our Club, contact us.


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June 10, 2015

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