ROBART – BBQ Trailer

ROBART – BBQ Trailer

The “Sausage Sizzle” is an Australian culinary institution and generations of Australian children have grown up with a “sausage and bread” morning tea on either a Saturday or Sunday every week. No event is complete without a sausage sizzle and some retail stores are frequented on weekends for their sausage sizzle. In fact there are even apps made public on election day in Australia that tell voters where the sausage sizzles are being held and rating the best one so voters can visit that polling booth to cast there vote! The humble sausage sizzle is such an important part of Australian life that Rotary has embraced the need to ensure our community can access the BEST sausage sizzle on the day.

Yes, there is sausage sizzlesome ‘tongue in cheek’ here, but not much. Our Club is known for turning up at events and providing patrons of that event with ‘a great snag in bread’ for a small donation to Rotary. This is a community service we are proud to offer and we work with many schools, businesses, events and other charities to meet this community need.

In 2014 a few of our members got together and designed and built a fantastic asset for our Club; a new BBQ trailer, which has been dubbed ROBART (from the name Rotary BBQ Trailer).

The members mainly responsible for the BBQ are Brian Holloway, Gary Simmons, Carron Bourke & John Tennant. The Club was very fortunate to receive donations from Cr Kimberley Brown, The Bendigo Bank, The Paint Place and Rinnae. Many man hours were put in by our volunteers doing the physical work and the result is a wonderful fully equipped BBQ trailer we can all be proud of.

If you are having a community event and you want your patrons to be provided the opportunity to have a great sausage sizzle feel free to contact us. We provide this service on a for-profit basis where possible so the funds raised can be utilised for other important Rotary projects both within our community and further afield.

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June 12, 2015

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