Rotary Opp Shop 132 Thompson Avenue, Cowes

Rotary Opp Shop 132 Thompson Avenue, Cowes

The Rotary Club of Phillip Island and San Remo is very fortunate to have a community Opp Shop to raise funds for its important charitable projects locally, nationally and internationally.

Donations to the Rotary Opp Shop can be made and are welcomed. Monies raised from the sale of goods are put toward Rotary projects and without this valuable asset, we would struggle to deliver the many and significant projects that we do.

The Rotary Opp Shop is more than a business; it is a community asset. Over and above the value it adds to our projects it supports members in our community that may find themselves in dire need due to circumstances beyond their control. We work with the emergency services on Phillip Island and provide goods to assist desperate members of the community get back on their feet after a traumatic event such as a fire, flood, or other events beyond their control.

We are proud to be able to help our community in many ways and the Opp Shop is one of our great assets to enable this.
We are always in need of volunteers to support this important asset so if you would like to make a difference and support the Rotary community please contact us or visit the Opp Shop at 134 Thompson Avenue, Cowes or speak directly. Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.

The Opp Shop is open Monday – Saturday 10am – 2pm.
For enquiries please contact Diane Thomas 0417 577 082


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June 10, 2015

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