Donations In Kind

Donations In Kind

Donations in Kind (DIK) is a program supported by Rotary Clubs in Australia which grew out of the compassion and concern of returning overseas volunteers. This recycling and reuse program involves the collection, sorting, packing, dispatch and distribution of donated items to countries in need of these goods.

Many goods and products, for which organisations in Australia have no further use, are valuable commodities in needy countries. While 50 computers with non-flat screen monitors and less than 1 gigabyte of memory may be obsolete for some corporate offices, they might instead be of significant value in helping the education of underprivileged students in East Timorese universities or in assisting with the accountancy of microfinance finance projects in Africa.

Donations in Kind received $2,000 from our Club in 2015. In addition some Club members are involving themselves in a future Rotary Australia World Community Service project, to set up a hospital in Timor Leste.  Through the incredible work of Rotarian Peter Kelly and good relationships with aged care facilities, hospitals and businesses we are able to source many valuable items that are needed in underprivileged countries. These items will be housed in the DIK warehouse until such time that the container-full, can then be shipped to Timor Leste.

We have also benefited from DIK store when the Days For Girls project needed specific manufacturing equipment that the Club would otherwise struggle to secure was able to be sourced from DIK.

The objectives of Donations in Kind are:

  • To receive requests for aid goods from Rotary Clubs and aid organisations in developing countries.
  • To receive goods from within Australia, from Rotary Clubs, schools, hospitals and other organisations for distribution to developing countries.
  • To match the goods received with the requests for aid goods wherever possible and to ensure that all goods are dispatched to appropriate areas of need.
  • To maintain records, facilitate customs declarations and transport arrangements.
  • To assist, if requested, Clubs and Districts to dispatch aid goods direct to recipient Rotary Clubs or aid organisations.
  • To maintain the quality of the goods dispatched.
  • To minimise the cost of transport.
  • To maintain a close liaison with the Rotary Clubs and aid organisations at the receiving end so as to have an appreciation of their requirements and to minimise any problems that they may encounter.

In addition to goods donated to DIK this year, our Club has also donated $2,000.



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June 16, 2015

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