August is Membership Month, which means it’s time to celebrate our Rotary club, our members, and the good we do in our community and around the world. Membership is about two main themes retention of current members and recruitment of new members

There are many ways to join in the celebration, but here are a few ideas to get us started:

Retention. Make an effort to sit with and discuss matters with a member you would like to know better. This will have an impact of building better and closer relationships across the club and improve retention.

Recruitment. Be on the lookout for people you believe would make fine Rotarians. Invite them to a meeting and talk with them about what we do and what it means to be a Rotarian. Refer them to John Tennant for further induction advice.

Exchange ideas. Do you have successful membership ideas that will work well in our community? Share them on the Membership Chair John Tennant and join his membership team.

We Are Rotary. Using the hashtag #WeAreRotary, post photos to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, of our club members at work in our community or abroad to show how Rotary makes a positive impact in the world.

proud memberMaking a difference. Rotary Clubs and our Club are/is known for the high-impact service projects they undertake locally and globally. Share stories about our service projects and how they improve lives.

Membership retention and recruitment is a task for every member so do your best to assist.

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