Art Show Judge

Antoinette Blyth

Antoinette Blyth is an artist, tutor and judge residing in Melbourne, Australia. She is a past Vice President of AGRA, the Australian Guild of Realist Artists, a member of the Victorian Artists Society, Watercolour Society of Victoria, Sherbrooke Art Society and Whitehorse Arts Association.

Antoinette has work represented around Australia, and overseas, and has won many awards and commendations for her watercolour painting, most recently the best Watercolour at the 2018 Sherbrooke Spring Exhibition.

“As an artist and teacher, I feel privileged to be able to impart skills of painting to others in a manner that encourages confidence, individuality and determination to succeed.

To watch the development and passion of a painter grow, is exciting and rewarding. The connection over the years with “lovers of watercolour” has been a means of exchanging thoughts, encouragement, and learning. As a judge, it is a privilege to enjoy the art world from a different perspective. To have the opportunity to comment on the many skills of other artists and imagine the story that they tell by their work is fascinating, enjoyable and holds great responsibility”